Family of the Month

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The Family is central to Christian life and the Church. Pope St. John Paul II reaffirmed this in The Role of the Christian Family in the Modern World. Father John E. Doyle Council #9715 is a fraternal organization that proudly serves both the Corpus Christi and St. Rose of Lima parishes and surrounding communities. As an initiative to support the development of strong core families, the Council seeks to recognize those families that exemplify the “Christian Family”.

Therefore, each month, the Council’s Family of the Month Committee will select one family from either parish that models Christian family values and visibly lives them every day. To be selected, a family must stand out as an exemplary model to others and makes meaningful contributions to their parish.

A family member need not be a Knight, nordoes the one Nominatingneed to be a Knight.

The “Family” does not come in one form. The last 50 years have seen “profound” changes to the “family”. The category “family” – beyond husband/wife/children – now includes single parents raising children, grandparents raising their grandchildren, husbands and wives with no children, and adult couples living with elderly parents. Pope St. John Paul II describes the family, founded and given life by love, as a community of persons; of husbands and wives, of parents and children, of grandparents, and “extended” networks of relatives and in-laws. The “family’s” first task is to live, with fidelity, “the reality of communion in a constant effort to develop an authentic community of persons.

  • Some criteria to consider in nominating a family for the Family of the Month:
  • Is the family tight-knit? Does the family spend time together?
  • Does the Family attend weekly Mass together?
  • Does the family pray together outside of Mass?
  • Has the family made significant contributions to the parish and church community?
  • Does the family serve as a model of Catholic family values?

Please be specific as possible in answering and provide as much information as relevant. In this way the Committee can make an impartial assessment of the contributions of the nominee to the parish and community. Additional information, such as photographs, can be attached to the form.  Completed forms can be emailed to  or (insert other instructions as decided by committee

All completed nomination forms will be kept under advisement for future consideration.Please complete this form in as detailed a manner as possible.

Fill out the form below or download and copy of the form here.

Family of the Month Nominee Information