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26 - Officers' Meeting 7:30 PM
29 - DISTRICT Free-Throw Contest 6:30 PM
2 - General Meeting 7:30 PM
23 - Officers' Meeting 7:30 PM
28 - Trivia Night 6:30 PM
1 - Exemplification 1st 12:00 PM
2 - General Meeting 7:30
6 - Crab Cake Pickup (TBD)
7 - Pancake Breakfast Setup 5:00 PM
8 - Pancake Breakfast 7:00 AM
13 - Fish Fry 5:00 PM
30 - Officers' Meeting 7:30
6 - General Meeting 7:30
27 - Officers' Meeting 7:30
2 - General Meeting 7:30
3 - Pancake Breakfast Setup 5:00 PM
4 - Pancake Breakfast 7:00 AM
26 - Officers' Meeting 7:30
31 - Exemplification 1st 12-4PM
1 - General Meeting 7:30
29 - Officers' Meeting 7:30

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Winners of the Free Throw Contest Announced - all will advance to the DISTRICT free throw contest on January 29, 2015 - 6-8PM at Corpus Christi Gym

Age 9 Danny Shelak and Grace Gunder
Age 10 Sean Herron and Julia Young
Age 11 Paul Moretski
Age 12 Josh Mackunis and Elizabeth Gunder
Age 13 Jake Young and Julianna Persia
Age 14 Mary Gunder
Congratulations to all the Champions and wish them luck in the District Finals

Elections in February - we are conducting elections in the February meeting for Grand Knight and three other officers. If you wish to participate or nominate there is still time before the elections take place in the February meeting. Four officer positions are up for election as officers will change to accommodate the vacancy. They are: Treasurer, Deputy Grand Knight, Grand Knight, and Chancellor. Current nominmees are: Rick Ray (Grand Knight), Tom McHenry (Deputy Grand Knight), Anthony Rosato (Chancellor), and Tim Lescoe (Treasurer)
In Rememberance Please remember in your prayers Grand Knight John Atkins, and Peg Barton (wife of PGK Ken Barton) both who have recently passed away.
Volunteer Web Page Volunteers - we have a new web page just for you - since we started using SignUpGenius there is a new page to go to for signing up for any of our events. Click on the Volunteer tab on the website heading above and it will take you to the volunteer page - it's easier than ever to register.

2015 March For Life, Washington DC

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