See the Council Events Page (Click Here) for more details.
3 - General Meeting (7:30PM)
5 - Ash Wednesday
15 - Assembly Dinner Dance (6:00PM)
30 - Breakfast (7:00AM)
31 - Exec meeting (7:30PM)
1 - ARC Campaign Begins
4 - Fish Fry (4:00PM)
6 - Roadside Cleanup (8:00AM)
7 - General Meeting (7:30PM)
28 - Executive Meeting (7:30PM)
5 - General Meeting (7:30PM)
18 - Breakfast (7:00AM)
18 - Spring Blood Drive (8:00AM)
25 - Exemplification 4th Degree
27 - Executive Meeting (7:30PM)

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United States of America!
One Nation Under God

Interested in joining our council? Feel free to browse around and find out all about us! Why should you join the Knights of Columbus? Click HERE to find out
Volunteer Web Page Volunteers - we have a new web page just for you - since we started using SignUpGenius there is a new page to go to for signing up for any of our events. Click on the Volunteer tab on the website heading above and it will take you to the volunteer page - it's easier than ever to register.
Fish Fry - This year's Lent Fish Fry is on Friday April 6 - see the ad on the right side for more information. If you wish to volunteer to help, please visit the volunteer page. Contact Jim Rebarchak for more info.
Breakfast Date Change - Please note that this month's breakfast has been changed to March 30 to coincide with the Seminarian's availability. Please come by and give them a hand with this effort.
Roadside Cleanup - We are conducting the Roadside Cleanup on April 6 8AM starting at the William Penn Inn. Visit the volunteer page or CLICK HERE

Remembering Ed Koza

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